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Fast Water Heater Company offers service in Redmond and surrounding areas. We can work with all kinds of water heaters – traditional tanks, gas, electric and propane, or the on-demand tankless units that operate on natural gas. We pride ourselves in being able to offer same day service and would love to help you out. Just give us a call at Fast Water Heater Redmond: 425-296-0440.

To expedite service, please have the name brand and model and number of your current water heater when you call in for service.

We’re open seven days a week, to take your calls and help fix your water heater – Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on weekends, between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A permit is a necessity when a water heater is being installed and you are in the city limits or Redmond. Our company has its own permit department, and can give you the option of accessing a permit for you. This does not interfere with our super-fast same day service.

Details about Redmond permits can be found at:


Code Enforcement in Redmond

The Uniform Plumbing Code dictates the regulations in regards to the installation of water heaters. When we visit your home, we will tell you all about how the jobsite fits, or doesn’t fit, the demands of the Code. If you have request for us to pull your permit, we will send it your way. You’ll then need to call the number provided on the permit and arrange an appointment for an inspector to check, and assess, your residence.

Cities, counties, and individual inspectors enforce sections of the Code differently, by interpretation. It’s imperative that we inform you of what Washington State enforces, since we are a contractor with a license. We’ll also let you know about the enforcement of rules specific to Redmond, so that you can then make up your own mind regarding how you want things done at your place.

We have found that, in Redmond, these are the current requirements:

Approved Location: Bedrooms, bathrooms and closets are not considered to be appropriate locations for water heaters. Gas and water leaks create too much risk – the potential for dangerous accidents are possible in these places. Redmond’s inspectors will definitely check that your tank is in a suitable area.

Earthquake Straps: Being in an earthquake zone means that both Washington State and Redmond insist that your water heater is sufficiently secured with earthquake straps. The straps must be placed on the bottom third and top third of the heater.

Venting: Redmond definitely demands proper venting. This means using the adequate materials, as the proper installation adequate venting is extremely important. The reason being, the carbon monoxide produced by the gas combustion systems that run most water heaters is a dangerous byproduct.

Pans and Drains: Pans should always be situated underneath heaters that are inside or on raised sections. The purpose is to avoid water damage to the home that can be caused by leaks. These pans should be linked to a line that enables the water to drain to an approved location. This regulation is written in the Uniform Plumbing Code.

Pressure Regulating Valves: Any system with a PSI over 80 needs to be regulated with valves. This will also protect the life of the water heater. We will measure the PSI of your system when we come to see you and make appropriate recommendations.

Greasepack Gas Valve Replacement: Greasepack gas valves have the common problem of malfunctioning, so they must be replaced.

Bonding: Pipes for gas and water need to by grounded, by being insulated with wire and clamps. Otherwise, electrical hazards can be caused by the pipes and electrical wiring being near each other.

Sediment Traps: To block sediment from entering the heater’s combustion chamber, it is imperative to purchase a sediment trap. Redmond city enforces this item.

Dedicated Water Shutoff: So that you can have access to your home’s water flow, and still close down your water heater, in cases when it is necessary, it is imperative to give your water heater its own shutoff valve. This rule is enforced by Redmond’s inspectors.

Pipe Insulation: If in a space that is unconditioned, pipes must be covered in insulation materials.


Items that are Being Interpreted More Strictly in Redmond than the Code

Expansion Tanks: Per the Uniform Plumbing Code, expansion tanks are required on closed water systems. A closed water system is one in which a one-way valve or a backflow prevention valve has been installed on the main water line. This prevents water from flowing back into the city supply. Water expands and pressure increase when you apply heat to water. In turn, this increase in pressure creates stress and strain on your water heater, and on your home’s plumbing. This can result in the water heater failing prematurely.

An expansion tank is a small 2 or 5-gallon tank that is installed on the cold water line to absorb this excess pressure. It is also required to be installed by code.


Items Not Currently Being Enforced by Federal Way

The next requirements are stipulated in the Uniform Plumbing Code, but are not really insisted upon by inspectors from Redmond. This website is refreshed and frequently updated, but your technician always has the most current and detailed knowledge, so talk to him or her if you have any questions.

Pressure and Temperature Relief Drain (“P and T Drain”) to the Exterior: The P&T drain, as far as the Uniform Plumbing Code is concerned, should be piped all the way outside. The rationale for this? It protects you against accidents or nasty burns that could occur if hot water escapes from the valve due to high pressure or high temperatures . Redmond city is concerned about this too, but accepts a situation where the P&T drain is piped only to the floor of a garage. This piping should be installed within six inches of the floor. In many ways, this modification of the code is appropriate and useful. It allows you to be able to see what is happening with the P&T relief drain, and identify any pressure and/or temperature problems before they become more serious. Of course, it goes without saying that children should be watched carefully and should definitely not be allowed to play or be unattended near the P&T relief drain. The risk of scalding and accidents is too high.

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