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Water Heater 101: When Do I Need To Repair or Replace My Water Tank?

Jun 22, 2023

We all know the feeling of jumping into a steaming hot shower or doing a load of dishes with hot water, only to be met with cold water instead. It’s a dreadful experience and a clear indication that there’s something wrong with your hot water heater. But how do you know whether to repair or replace water heaters? There are several factors you’ll want to consider.

If you’re unsure how to decide between water heater repair or replacement, don’t worry — we’re here to help. Let’s dive into the details and weigh the pros and cons.

Assess the Age of Your Water Heater

One of the first things that can influence whether to repair or replace water heaters is age. Most standard water heaters have a lifespan of around ten to 15 years while tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. If your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s typically better to replace it, as repairing it will likely only provide a temporary solution.

Identify the Type of Water Heater You Have

Water heaters come in different types, including tankless, electric, gas, or heat pump. So, if you’re feeling unsure how to decide between water heater repair or replacement, you’ll want to identify which type of system you have.

Each type of water heater has its own set of benefits and repair requirements. For instance, electric water heaters have heating elements that can wear out and need replacement, while gas water heaters have burners and pilot lights that require cleaning and maintenance. Similarly, tankless water heaters need regular descaling to prevent sediment buildup, which is not required for traditional water heaters. All-in-all, knowing the type of water heater you have and its specific repair needs can aid in your decision-making process.

Analyze the Severity of the Issue

Another critical factor to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace water heaters is the severity of the issue. Small water heater issues such as a malfunctioning relief valve or a broken anode rod can be fixed quickly and cost-effectively. However, if your water heater has a major issue such as a damaged tank or a faulty heating element, you may need to replace the entire unit.

Consulting with a professional technician and receiving a diagnosis of the issue can help you determine the best course of action. At Fast Water heater, we can provide you with a water heater leak repair if we believe it is the best option. However, if we think that a replacement could be the most cost-effective solution, we will discuss options with you to ensure your hot water keeps running when you need it most.

Consider the Long-Run Costs

Sometimes, repairing a water heater may seem like a cheaper solution than replacement. However, this approach may not be as cost-effective in the long run. Old water heaters tend to be less energy efficient, leading to higher energy bills, which can offset the cost of the repair over time. On the other hand, newer, energy-efficient models can save you money on energy costs and may qualify for rebates and incentives from your utility company.

To buy and install water heater replacement parts can be an expensive venture, more so if it’s a frequent occurrence. A tankless water heater installation may cost more upfront, but it can save you money in the long run, as it is not as prone to breakdowns and repairs compared to a traditional water heater. So, if you’re unsure how to decide between water heater repair or replacement, you’ll want to think about the long-term outcomes of each option.

Call Fast Water Heater for Your Repair or Replacement Needs

Ultimately, knowing how to decide between water heater repair or replacement can be challenging. However, the decision is yours to make. When dealing with any hot water issues, it’s essential to have a trustworthy and reliable professional to help you make the best decision. At Fast Water Heater, we have years of experience in repairing and replacing water heaters of all types and models. We’re proud to serve the residents of Washington, Oregon, and California.

If you’re struggling with whether to repair or replace water heaters, our expert technicians are ready to provide you with a thorough diagnosis and help you make the most informed decision. Plus, if you decide on a replacement, be assured we offer a wide range of professional water heater installations to choose from, including energy-efficient tankless models. Call us today to schedule a repair or replacement and restore your access to hot water!

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