Water Heater Model Numbers and Rating Plates

Sometimes, finding your water heater model number can be tricky. But, all water heaters have a Rating Plate that lists important data such as the model and serial numbers, manufacturing company’s name, length of warranty, wattage of elements installed (on electric models), gallon capacity, input BTU rating (gas models), and more.

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Rheem Water Heater Model Numbers

Rheem water heaters, known for their user-friendly rating plates, provide clear information about their manufacture date, size, and capacity. Here’s how you can interpret the details on both new and older models:

Understanding Serial Numbers on Older Models:

  • Rheem has streamlined the process of determining the age of a water heater by incorporating the month and year of manufacture directly into the serial number. The first four digits of the serial number represent this information.
  • For example, a serial number like ‘1291A39968′ reveals that the water heater was manufactured in December 1991 (’12’ for December and ’91’ for 1991).

Example Analysis of Rheem Rating Plate Information:

Model ’21V50-2′, Serial Number ‘1291A39968’:

    • Manufacture Date: December 1991.
    • Capacity: 50 gallons.
    • Heat Output: 36,000 BTUs per hour.
    • Fuel Type: Natural gas.
    • Additional Information: The rest of the data on the plate is typically more relevant for service technicians.

Another Rheem Model Example:

50-Gallon Electric Tank, Manufactured in August 1984:

    • This model is an electric water heater.
    • Manufacturing Date: August 1984.
    • Equipped with 4000-watt heating elements.

The Rheem rating plate provides essential information in a format that is generally straightforward to decode. For homeowners, the key details to note are the manufacture date, capacity, and energy source of the unit. This information can be crucial for maintenance, understanding energy efficiency, and planning for potential upgrades or replacements.

Understanding your Rheem water heater’s rating plate helps ensure you have the necessary information for proper maintenance and if needed, making informed decisions about repairs or replacements. If you find the rating plate information confusing or if your model is particularly old, it might be beneficial to consult with a professional or contact Rheem’s customer service for clarification.

rheem model number

A.O. Smith Model Numbers

Year First: AO Smith rating plates list the year of manufacture first. For example, if the first part of the date code is “1991”, it indicates the year the water heater was manufactured.

Month Second: Following the year, the next part of the date code represents the month. AO Smith uses numbers for months, with “07” indicating July.

So, a date code reading “199107” on an AO Smith rating plate would mean the water heater was manufactured in July 1991.

Locating the Information:

  • While the information on an AO Smith rating plate might be less straightforward to locate compared to other brands, all the necessary details are still present. It’s important to carefully examine the rating plate, often found on the side of the water heater, to find these details.
  • Look for a string of numbers that begins with a four-digit year followed by a two-digit month. This format is consistent across AO Smith models.

Other Information on the Rating Plate:

  • Besides the manufacturing date, the rating plate will typically include the model number, tank capacity, wattage of heating elements, and other operational specifications.

Understanding how to read an AO Smith water heater rating plate is crucial for various reasons, such as determining the age of your water heater for maintenance, warranty, or replacement purposes. If you have trouble locating or interpreting this information, it’s advisable to consult with a professional or refer to AO Smith’s customer support for guidance.

aosmith upclose

Bradford White Model Numbers

Understanding the Model Number:

  • Year of Manufacture: The first letter of the serial number indicates the year the tank was made. The code for years ranges from ‘G’ (representing 1990) to ‘D’ (representing 2007), with each letter corresponding to a specific year.

  • Month of Manufacture: The second letter of the serial number represents the month. The coding for months starts with ‘A’ for January and ends with ‘M’ for December.

For example, a Bradford White water heater with a model number that starts with “YG” would indicate it was manufactured in July 2002 (‘Y’ for 2002, ‘G’ for July).

Specifics of the Example Model – MI40L6DS13:

  • Manufacturing Date: According to your description, this model was manufactured in June 2002.

  • Capacity and Elements: It is a 40-gallon electric water tank equipped with 4000-watt elements.

  • Operation Mode: The “Maximum Watts” at 4000 indicates that the tank operates in a “non-simultaneous” mode, meaning only one heating element will energize at a time. This is a standard feature for residential water heaters.

  • Pressure Specifications: Designed for a maximum water pressure of 150 PSI, but tested up to 300 PSI at the factory for enhanced safety.

Understanding these details on the Bradford White rating plate is crucial for identifying the age of your water heater, as well as understanding its specifications and operational features. If you’re still unsure about your specific water heater model or need more assistance, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional or refer to Bradford White’s documentation.

bradford white model number

American Water Heater Model Numbers

Decoding the Serial Number ‘9817353574’

  • Year of Manufacture: The first two digits of the serial number indicate the year. In this case, ’98’ suggests the water heater was manufactured in 1998.
  • Week of Manufacture: The next two digits represent the week of the year when the tank was built. Here, ’17’ indicates the 17th week of the year.
  • Therefore, based on the serial number ‘9817353574’, this American Water Heater model was manufactured in the 17th week of 1998.

Understanding the Model Number ‘E3J50RD045HV’

  • The model number typically provides information about the characteristics and specifications of the water heater, such as the type, tank capacity, energy efficiency, and other features. However, the specific details encoded in this model number, such as tank size or energy rating, would require a reference to American Water Heater’s model number guide or consultation with the manufacturer.

Product Number ‘0810142’

  • The product number is often used internally by manufacturers to identify specific product lines or versions. It may not provide direct information about the product’s specifications to consumers without additional reference materials from the manufacturer.

In summary, your American Water Heater unit, with the model number E3J50RD045HV, was manufactured in the 17th week of 1998. For more detailed information about the model’s specific features or capabilities, you may need to refer to American Water Heater’s product literature or contact their customer service. This information is particularly useful for understanding your water heater’s warranty status, maintenance needs, and potential replacement considerations.

american water heater close
american water heater rating plate

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Water Heater codes & Permits

Permit Requirements for Water Heater Replacement in the Pacific Northwest

Ensuring Compliance and Safety Across Washington, Oregon, and California

Are you considering replacing your water heater in the Pacific Northwest and wondering about permit requirements? In many areas of the Pacific Northwest, including major cities in Washington, Oregon, and California, a permit is typically required for water heater installation. Here’s what you need to know:

Streamlined Permit Process in the Pacific Northwest:

Permit Acquisition:

  • In regions like Tacoma, WA, permits are mandatory for water heater installations. The good news is, we can handle the permit process for you, ensuring no delays in the work we perform.

Frequent Code Updates:

  • Water heater codes in the Pacific Northwest are regularly updated to include new safety and installation standards. While these updates aim to enhance home safety, they may result in additional installation costs.

Safety and Insurance:

  • The importance of proper installation cannot be overstated. Incorrectly installed water heaters can pose significant dangers and cause extensive property damage. Non-compliant installations, especially those not done by licensed professionals, could lead to home insurance claims being rejected in the event of damage.
  • Our Safety Commitment: Safety is our top priority. Our technicians will review all applicable safety codes with you before any work begins, ensuring full compliance and transparency.

Local Expertise Across the Pacific Northwest:

  • Updated Information: We keep our information as current as possible, but regulations can vary across the Pacific Northwest. Your local installer will have the latest details specific to your area, whether you’re in Washington, Oregon, or California.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our team is knowledgeable about the distinct regulations in various Pacific Northwest regions. We ensure that your new water heater is installed safely, efficiently, and in full compliance with local codes.


Water Heater Compliance in the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Oregon, and California

In the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and California, specific regulations for water heaters address safety and efficiency concerns. Here’s a condensed overview of key requirements across these states:


General Reuirements Applicable In Washington, Oregon, California

  • Approved Location:
    • Placement outside of bathrooms, bedrooms, or closets to minimize CO leakage risks and accidents.
  • Earthquake Straps:
    • Essential in these earthquake-prone regions, straps should be attached to the top and bottom thirds of the water heater.
  • Venting:
    • Proper venting for gas combustion heaters to safely release CO, especially important in areas like Tacoma and Half Moon Bay.
  • Drain Lines and Pans:
    • Required under water heaters to catch leaks, especially if located on platforms or inside buildings.
  • Pressure Regulating Valves:
    • Necessary if water pressure exceeds 80 PSI, to prevent system damage.
  • Bonding:
    • Grounding of both water and gas pipes as per electrical codes to prevent potential hazards.

Specific State Requirements:

  • Washington (e.g., Tacoma):
    • Strict enforcement of expansion tanks in closed systems.
    • Sediment traps on gas lines to prevent debris from entering the combustion chamber.
  • Oregon:
    • Similar requirements for location, venting, and earthquake safety.
    • Emphasis on energy efficiency and insulation of pipes in unconditioned spaces.
  • California (e.g., Half Moon Bay):
    • P&T relief drain running to the exterior to prevent scalding.
    • Specific code enforcement on sediment traps, though not as stringent as in Washington.

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Navigating the complexities of state codes for water heater installation and repair in the Pacific Northwest can be challenging. Whether you’re in Washington, Oregon, or California, ensuring that your water heater complies with local regulations is crucial for safety and efficiency.

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