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Water Heater 101: 3 Important Questions For Quality Communication

Jun 23, 2022

Poor Vendor Communication?

As a busy property manager, there’s nothing worse than having your time wasted. No property manager likes reviewing rental applications from renters who haven’t followed basic instructions,  no property manager likes chasing down tenants for rent, and no property manager likes losing half of their day due to bad communication with vendors. With multiple units and tenants on your hands, it can certainly feel like there’s always something else that would be a better use of your time, and there is!

If you’re going to go through the blood, sweat and tears of switching vendors (and yes, it can feel that hard sometimes), do yourself a favor and go with a company that understands your needs as a property manager. Here are a few tips for quality communication.

Communicate Why You’re Calling

If you’re going to take time to evaluate new vendors, it’s best to get to the point. Cut right to the chase and let the contractor know you’re dissatisfied with your existing vendor—and why. Were they dodgy about the cost to install a water heater? Did they improperly repair a water heater line leak? Are they just hard to get a hold of? Do they run late for appointments? Do they leave messes behind? – These are topics worth discussing because they will ensure you’re creating quality communication.

You’ll also want to gauge how they approach working with property management companies. Do they have a property management division- if so, you’ll want to ensure this division has quality communication skills as well. Do they have experience working small, mid and large property management firms? Of course, everyone will tell you that they won’t make the same mistakes your current vendor is however, not every business can point to specific examples when they answer these sorts of questions. If the vendor isn’t forthcoming with recent ways, they’ve solved problems similar to yours, don’t even give them an opening. Move on to someone with a proven track record they’re ready to boast about.

Ask About The Type of Clients

As a property manager, you want to know that you’re in good hands. For example, every water heater company worth its salt knows how to fix a water heater leaking from bottom or deal with a water heater leaking from top. However, not every water heater company can say that they have a dedicated department specifically for property managers and landlords. When you’re working with a vendor who has a specialized division just for clients like you, such as the team at Fast Water Heater Company, you know you’re working with someone who doesn’t just understand your needs, but knows how to deliver.

Ask How They Handle Emergencies

Any major or after-hours property emergency is stressful enough without an angry tenant putting you on blast for not having a contractor who answers their phone. That is particularly true when it comes to jobs with water heaters that may pose a threat to tenants and result in property damage. Learning about vendor availability, who to call in emergencies, and whether or not you may face surcharges for after-hours work are all great questions when vetting a vendor.

Property managers rely on contractors and outside vendors in order to properly maintain each of their properties. That being said, the second your go-to guy isn’t available, it can seem like you’ve lost your whole day just trying to chase down a “same-day service” that is actually as advertised and services your area. Whether you’re constantly getting requests to move your appointment—after booking an open spot online—or the vendor didn’t read your request and showed up with the wrong tools, there are all kinds of time wasters you might face as a property manager when working with outside vendors.


Avoid these problems by committing to a vendor like Fast Water Heater Company who understands your needs as a property manager and is willing to put you first.

Learn more about Fast Water Heater’s Property Management Division and request a free quote.

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