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Rinnai is America’s number one tankless water heater manufacturer, and are the first big tankless brand to make their products in the USA. Rinnai offers a wide range of tankless water heating options depending on your needs for hot water volume, energy efficiency, or space efficiency in your home.

There are a number of reasons people seek out Rinnai tankless water heaters. The most common reason is that tankless water heaters provide endless hot water.

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Unlike a traditional tank water heater, tankless technology heats the water on demand rather than storing a heated amount that can run out, especially if you have a lot of people using hot water in your household.

Second, while pricier than traditional water heaters, tankless units have a much longer lifespan, and can last 25 years (traditional tank lasts about 12 years), so there’s a big savings there. Lastly, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than traditional tanks, which means big savings over the lifetime of the unit.

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Rinnai offers an array of options to fit your specific needs and your personal budget. Premium models like the Rinnai RSC Model Series have smart home technology (Smart-Circ Intelligence) that learns your hot water usage patterns, and schedules hot water production and delivery around you and your family’s habits, and also keeping your energy usage even lower. Also included on many Rinnai models is Rinnai Circ-Logic technology which allows you to create recirculation that matches up to your habits.

There’s a reason Rinnai sells more tankless water heaters than anyone else. Their quality and reliability scores very high, they’re USA manufactured, and their warranty programs give customers unprecedented coverage on their investment.

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